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3 of the Best Car Outline Solutions for your Projects

As a designer, you are expected to create effective and successful artwork for your clients. This could be a struggle without the right tools and help.  Whether it’s for public transport or private cars, your design should be not less than perfect. Fortunately, there are car outline solutions that will help you achieve perfection in your designs. Vehicle templates save you a lot of time and energy. They provide accurate measurements of your client’s vehicles, unless modifications were made.

Now, the internet offers a number of help. You can simply type a keyword and find the best tool for your creative needs. But when it comes to vehicle templates, these three are the best car outline solutions for your projects:

  1. SignSilo has one of the best offers on vehicle templates in the industry. They have a robust catalog of templates for cars, vans and trucks. Their buying system is very convenient, too. Their Vehicle Club plan is unbeatable with its one year access to over 20,000 templates and 25 downloads per month. There is also the full subscription plan with 200 downloads per month.
    All templates come with a 1:20 scale and in multiple formats, including CDR, AI, DXF and EPS. Free tester files are also available for proof of quality, plus millions of extra visual resources such as high resolution photos, vectors, fonts and pre-design artwork for car wraps.

  1. Pro Vehicle Outlines. Pro Vehicle Outlines offers a professional service on vehicle templates. They have over 10,000 vehicle wraps templates in their library, which you can access with an full annual subscription plan. Their collection is updated regularly, so you will surely find the template you are looking for. They also have a 24/7 online access and toll-free technical support.
    The company features a bonus vector wrap collection that offers customizable vector artwork for vehicle wraps at $79.99. Moreover, their tutorials, assistance content and technical support make them one of the best vehicle templates suppliers.

  1. The Bad Wrap. The Bad Wrap offers services based on their patented design software, making them the perfect solution for designers who want to test the waters on car wrap advertising and vehicle templates. They have over 4,000 template files in their library, which you can purchase a la carte at around $30 each. Annual subscriptions are also available for $699 a year and $1199 for two years.
    If you are looking for custom car outlines, this is the company for you. They have a 4-day turnaround, allowing you to work on your projects as fast as you can. They also feature a Wrapulator that gives quick pricing estimates in PDF, based on specific vehicle dimensions.

Depending on your creative needs and budget, any of the three will surely help you with your design. The most budget-friendly choice is SignSilo, while Pro Vehicle Outlines provides an overall experience. But for custom work, The Bad Wrap is King. For more information, visit

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